How Flexible Is Your SOW?

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Facility managers today face an array of challenges that test the limits of foresight and flexibility – from keeping up with emerging technologies to navigating fluctuating occupancy rates. Effective facilities management requires a strategic approach that not only anticipates change but also responds with precision and agility.

Let Flagship Facility Services help you manage operational changes with confidence. Start with a free scope evaluation aimed at identifying your facility’s unique challenges and developing a custom solution to enhance efficiency and adaptability.

Facilitating Success

Facilitating Success

When a business changes its scope of operations, it can have serious implications for existing partner agreements, including facility services contracts. But our organizational structure enables us to grow with and meet the emerging needs of customers – no compromise necessary. Read about Flagship’s scalable support of a top global brand.

SOW Testimonials

SOW Success

Why Clients Love Us:
Reliable Support, Flexible Service, Custom Solutions


Your supervisor and day porters have displayed outstanding dedication to maintaining a safe and clean environment during our recent flood emergency. Their actions rapidly contained and cleaned up our high-profile GMP areas.

Facility Manager, Bio-Pharmaceutical Company


“Your crews did a fantastic job! (Flagship) understood the scope and the ever-changing schedule, adjusting crew size as needed. Absolutely awesome!”

Facility Manager of 91 Buildings

International Airport

“They have always done a fantastic job…In fact, I consider them my ‘go-to’ team for issues that are not even covered in our current contract, because I know they will get the job done no matter what it takes.”

Director of Operations at an International Airport


Our custom scope evaluation involves a detailed assessment of your facility operations – from your building systems to your processes and procedures. Through this exercise, we’re able to gain an understanding of the challenges you face and pinpoint areas for improvement. Leveraging these insights, we can craft a tailored SOW that specifies the precise mix of services, staffing, and scheduling required to optimize operational efficiency and flexibility.

Traditional contracts lock you into specific services for a set period. A flexible SOW offers greater customization, allowing you to adjust services and staffing as your needs evolve. This provides more agility and helps reduce costs.

A flexible SOW allows you to adapt your facilities management program to changing demands. You can scale services up or down as needed, saving on costs. It also reduces the risk of being locked into services that no longer fit your needs, giving you greater control over your budget.